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Mindfulness & Coaching

Archery is mediation in a martial art. With every arrow, Clare brings mindfulness to bear. And with over a decade of experience teaching contemplative-movement practices, meditation, and mindfulness, she enjoys a depth of knowledge and philosophical foundation to optimize her psychological approach to the sport . . . and life. She has coached sailing and ballroom dance, taught yoga, and led yoga and mindfulness retreats. For attorney bar associations, she has presented on mindfulness and professionalism. Her approach to these practices stresses individualization and respect for the realities of modern pressures, while aiming to help people reach their mindfulness and practice aspirations. 


If you're interested in bringing a little more mindfulness into your life . . . or if you'd like to unlock the peak-performance potential of mindfulness practices, Clare offers a limited number of opportunities to receive one-on-one video and technology-supported coaching. For more information, email

One-on-One Support

Group Seminars

Join Clare weekly through video to enhance your mindfulness practice. She offers a limited number of opportunities to work one-on-one to deepen practitioners' mindful-living practices. 

Programs are tailored to individual students, with a mix of weekly video sessions, suggested reading, and text contact.

Or arrange a group seminar for your firm/team/organization.

Since 2010, Clare has taught mindfulness for attorneys and bar associations, including seminars in Michigan, New Mexico, California, and Idaho. She specializes in mindfulness and contemplative-living practices for those facing professional stress and career pressures. 

Calm Sea
Foggy Pier
Foggy Pier

Limited Opportunities

While Clare wishes she could coach and work one-on-one with everyone interested in living a more mindful life and deepening their experience of mindfulness, her archery training, competition schedule, and writing commitments do limit the number of practitioners she can coach. Please, if she can't offer an opportunity when you reach out, keep practicing! Keep living mindfully. And please know that spots can open up unexpectedly. 

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